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Greg Selinger left Manitoba taxpayers with even more debt than expected - the projected core deficit for 2015-16 is now $1.012 billion. 

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The previous NDP government failed Manitoba by ideologically refusing to join the New West Partnership (NWP) Trade Agreement with the governments of Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

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Less than one month after the historic election win, your PC government is already getting to work for you.

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A just-filed lawsuit alleges that Greg Selinger released highly sensitive financial and business information to benefit a third party in December 2015. This was the same month the NDP “Hydro jobs for votes” scandal became public, and the same third party remains a key witness in the ongoing Commissioner of Elections investigation into the scandal.

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Brian Pallister

Brian Pallister

Brian has lived and breathed Manitoba since the day he was born in 1954. The eldest son of Bill and Anne Pallister, Brian grew up on a small, third-generation family farm just outside Portage la Prairie.

That upbringing, with loving parents and soon, a brother Jim and sister Peggy, shaped his outlook on being a person and what it meant to be a Manitoban.

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