Economic growth and fair taxation are the keys to provide a way up for Manitobans

"With your support, a change for the better is coming"
- Brian Pallister, Leader PC Party of Manitoba

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NDP Waste Means Fewer Jobs

The latest jobs numbers from Statistics Canada show a dismal job creation record over the past year, particularly in the private sector. On average, over the past twelve months, there are 2,000 fewer employed Manitobans, and 3,200 fewer Manitobans working...

Ambulances Stuck at Hospitals

Parking lot medicine continues to worsen as paramedics wait longer to transfer patients into hospital care. In the first six months of 2014 the average wait for an ambulance to return to service was almost 80 minutes, up from 66...

Time for NDP to Pull Plug on Self

The people of Manitoba, and only the people of Manitoba should have a say in who their premier is. This is what has been missing from the debate over whether the current premier is capable of leading this province.

Time to Pull the Plug on Bipole III

Before the last election the NDP proposed a transmission line called Bipole III at a cost of $1.1 billion. Now that cost has jumped to $4.6 billion and continues to climb. Manitobans are the owners of Manitoba Hydro and it’s...

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Policy Blueprint

The policy process is intended to be inclusive in its approach both in respect to the ideas considered and who is engaged to bring them forward. The initial set of policy areas and related targets are introduced to begin a broad and inclusive conversation.

Stand Up Manitoba

The average Manitoba family of four will pay $1600 in additional PST going forward. Greg Selinger promised repeatedly in the 2011 election that he would not raise taxes. The Balanced Budget law requires a referendum on any major tax increase.

Brian Pallister

Leader PC Party of Manitoba

Brian was born in 1954. He was the eldest of Bill and Anne Pallister’s three children and was raised on a third generation family farm southwest of Portage la Prairie.

He spent his formative years in a one-room school and went on to attend high school at Portage Collegiate, where Brian enjoyed sports and music. Upon graduation, Brian put himself through University obtaining Bachelor’s Degrees in Arts and Education while playing college basketball for the Brandon University Bobcats.

In 1980 Brian began his career as a financial consultant and started Pallister Financial. The company has now enjoyed over 30 years in business. While he worked to build a reputation in business he continued to pursue his interests as both a fastball player and a competitive curler.

Brian returned to politics because he has a vision for Manitoba. He sees a province where our children have real opportunities for the kind of life we imagine for them.