Wab Kinew needs to come clean on NDP support for a death tax in Manitoba

While Manitoba Progressive Conservative MLAs have been asking the Official Opposition to join in the fight against the federal government’s small business tax hikes, Manitobans have learned that NDP Leader Wab Kinew is musing about a new tax of his own.

Last week, Kinew suggested the federal government should bring in an estate tax, better known as a “death tax.”

Kinew reiterated his interest in a new death tax today in debate on a resolution from Brandon West MLA Reg Helwer calling on Ottawa to withdraw its tax proposals, which would harm the job-creating engines of our economy.

“The federal government’s proposals would mean tax rates of 60 and 70 per cent on small businesses,” said Cameron Friesen, MLA for Morden-Winkler. “Now the Manitoba NDP are talking about piling on with another tax when you die. This adds insult to injury – Manitobans simply cannot afford these new Liberal and NDP taxes.”

Manitobans were previously subject to an estate tax imposed by the Schreyer NDP in 1971. The first NDP death tax was eliminated in 1977. Although he claimed he would chart a new course for his party, we are seeing nothing but the same old, tired tax-and-spend proposals from Wab Kinew’s NDP. Manitobans have already rejected the NDP death tax and have no interest in revisiting this regressive policy.

Wab Kinew and the NDP owe it to Manitobans to come clean on supporting a death tax on Manitobans. Who would have to pay and how much would it cost Manitoba families?

Manitoba PC MLAs are working hard to lower the tax burden for Manitobans. Wab Kinew and the NDP are dreaming up ways to take more money from hard-working Manitobans.

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