UNIFOR Under Two Separate Investigations for Election Law Violations

Overspending, collusion with Labour Federation under investigation

Manitoba’s Commissioner of Elections has confirmed two separate investigations have been opened into UNIFOR’s interference in the current Manitoba General Election.

The Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba filed two complaints with the Commissioner of Elections regarding advertising that is not in compliance with Manitoba’s election laws as set out for third parties such as UNIFOR. The union has engaged in both a billboard and bus shelter advertising campaign, as well as a direct mail campaign – both of which clearly exceed the very clear $25,000 spending limit for third parties.

In addition to UNIFOR’s direct mail campaign, the Manitoba Federation of Labour (MFL) is also engaged in a direct mail campaign that uses identical language to that of UNIFOR. The MFL is NOT a registered third-party in this election, and Manitoba law states very clearly that a third-party cannot split itself into two or more third parties or act in collusion with another third-party in order to exceed the $25,000 spending limit.

“We are pleased that the Commissioner of Elections recognizes this is a very serious issue and has confirmed that two separate investigations into UNIFOR’s actions are underway,” said Keith Stewart, CEO of the PC Party of Manitoba. “However, it is very disappointing that UNIFOR and the Manitoba Federation of Labour are choosing to ignore the laws that are in place to ensure free and fair elections in Manitoba.”

Manitoba’s Progressive Conservatives are also reiterating their call on NDP Leader Wab Kinew to call his friends at UNIFOR and other unions to demand they follow Manitoba’s election laws and put a stop to their illegal advertising campaign.

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