Types of Acceptable ID

There are two options to prove your identity and current address:

1. One government-issued photo ID (federal, provincial, municipal) with your current address, e.g.:

• Driver’s licence
• Manitoba Identification Card
• Any other government identification with your photo, name and current address

Or one government-issued photo ID (federal, provincial, municipal) that does not include your current address, e.g.:

• Canadian Passport
• Indian Status Card
• Canadian Forces Photo Identification Card
• Any other government identification with your photo and name.

2. Two pieces of ID:

Any combination of the following ID will be accepted. At least one must have your current address or you will need a declaration of address.
• Elections Manitoba Voter Information Card
• Birth certificate
• Manitoba Health card
• Certificate of Canadian citizenship
• Citizenship card
• Veterans Affairs Health Card
• CNIB card
• Employee card
• Parolee card
• Licence or card issued for fishing, trapping or hunting
• Residential lease or sub-lease
• Mortgage contract or statement
• Income tax assessment
• Property tax assessment or evaluation
• Insurance certificate, policy or statement
• Firearms license
• Social insurance number card
• Band membership card
• MMF Métis Citizenship card
• Card issued by an Inuit local authority
• Old age security card
• Credit card
• Debit card
• Student identity card
• Utility bill (e.g. electricity; water; telecommunications services including telephone, cable or satellite)
• Bank statement
• Credit union statement
• Credit card statement
• Correspondence issued by a school, college or university
• Letter from a public guardian or public trustee
• Pleasure Craft Operators License
• Government employee card
• Medical clinic card
• Label on a prescription container
• Identity bracelet issued by a hospital or long-term care facility
• Blood donor card
• Hospital card
• Public transportation card
• Library card
• Liquor identity card
• Personal cheque
• Government statement of benefits
• Government cheque or cheque stub
• Pension plan statement
• Letter of confirmation of residence from a First Nations band or reserve or an Inuit local authority
• Letter of confirmation of residence, admission form or statement of benefits from one of the following designated establishments:
– student or seniors’ residence
– long-term care facility
– shelter
– colony
• Vehicle registration
• Employer paycheque

Electronic documents such as e-bills are acceptable forms of ID. Photos of ID are also acceptable.

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