Stronger Economy, Better Care, Brighter Future

Less than one month after the historic election win, your PC government is already getting to work for you.

On May 16, the 2016 Manitoba speech from the throne was read. It presents a vision for putting Manitoba back on track by improving results in health care, education and economic innovation while restoring prudent financial management and open, inclusive government.


“Manitoba’s new government will work in partnership with our province’s best and brightest front-line workers, public servants, entrepreneurs and community leaders to develop and implement initiatives that will result in an even better Manitoba.” - Brian Pallister

These initiatives include:

  • implementing a comprehensive, value-for-money review across government;
  • establishing ‘Fair Say’ for municipalities on strategic infrastructure investments and committing to long-term, strategic infrastructure investments including improved flood protection;
  • creating a Premier’s Enterprise Team;
  • developing a framework for meaningful consultation with Indigenous communities;
  • pursuing membership in the New West Partnership agreement and pledging support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership;
  • championing tourism investment through Travel Manitoba’s Plan 96/4 and developing partnerships in tourism opportunities in Manitoba’s north;
  • reducing ambulance fees, establishing a wait times reduction task force, and taking initial steps toward implementing our plan for the construction of additional personal care home beds;
  • introducing the protecting children act to facilitate collaboration and sharing of critical information;  
  • pursuing a comprehensive mental health strategy including mental health and addictions programs and services;
  • investing in the education of future leaders through early years literacy programming and beginning consultations on post-secondary scholarships and bursaries with a focus on increased collaboration with those who create Manitoba jobs;
  • developing a made-in-Manitoba climate action plan that is both consultative and innovative;
  • pursuing a system by which Manitoba’s progress may be measured on restoring public finances to balance, reducing wait times, strengthening infrastructure, improving educational outcomes and restoring trust in government;
  • abolishing the ‘vote tax’ subsidy for political parties and restoring Manitobans’ right to vote on major tax increases;
  • establishing a team of business, labour and community leaders to find and reduce unnecessary and cumbersome red tape; and
  • restoring the right to a secret ballot vote and allowing Manitobans, whether union members or not, to participate in bidding for work on publicly tendered projects.

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