Red Tape Reduction!

It is Red Tape Awareness Week! We are announcing that The Regulatory Accountability Act will come into full force on July 1, 2019.  Throughout the week, we will highlight other measures that our government is taking to reduce red tape on Manitobans.

“Red Tape creates unnecessary provincial rules and processes that reduce the quality of public services and discourages economic growth and job creation. This legislation is helping us create an effective, efficient and transparent regulatory system, and will make Manitoba the most improved province for regulatory accountability by 2020.” - Hon. Scott Fielding, Minister of Finance


Red Tape Awareness Week is held in January of each year, and this year runs from January 21 to 25, 2019. The proclamation of Red Tape Awareness Week draws attention to the costs associated with red tape and excessive regulations and highlights governmental efforts to reduce red tape.

Our Regulatory Accountability Act is the most comprehensive framework for managing regulatory requirements in North America.

The act requires our government to keep track of how many regulatory requirements exist and where they are located. The initial measurement on April 1, 2016 identified more than 948,000 different regulatory requirements on non-profits, local governments, businesses and private citizens.

Some of the provisions that will come into effect in July include:

  • posting all policies and forms online;
  • legislating a two-for-one rule to cap the growth of regulatory requirements. This means that for every new requirement introduced, two must be eliminated.

In the two years following the initial measurement, we have reduced the number of regulatory requirements by approximately 2.6 %, or more than 24,000.  These actions resulted in Manitoba receiving an ‘A’ grade from theCanadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) to take the top spot with Quebec and BC for our efforts.

Our government took on reducing red tape to lower the administrative burden of provincial rules on stakeholders, such as municipalities, not-for-profits, and businesses.

Under the previous NDP government, Manitoba became the worst province in Canada for regulatory accountability, receiving a grade of “F” on CFIB’s 2016 Provincial Red Tape Report Card for failing to create an efficient, effective, and transparent regulatory system.

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