Re-elected PC Government to Invest $25 Million Annually in Building Retrofits

Energy efficiency renovations will reduce emissions under Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan: Squires

A re-elected Progressive Conservative government will provide $25 million in annual investments for energy efficiency retrofits of existing homes and commercial buildings, Manitoba PC candidate Rochelle Squires announced today

This initiative will reduce Manitoba’s greenhouse gas emissions cumulatively by 135,000 tonnes over the next three years, the equivalent of taking 27,000 cars off the roads.

“A re-elected Progressive Conservative government will continue to reduce emissions under our Climate and Green Plan,” said Squires. “Retrofits will make our buildings more energy efficient, reduce emissions and create jobs for hard-working Manitoba tradespeople that will carry out these renovations.”

The initiative will make insulation, efficient windows and doors and modern appliances more affordable through a rebate-type mechanism that will help offset costs. It will be managed and delivered by Efficiency Manitoba, the new Crown corporation focused on energy efficiency. Both commercial buildings and private homes will be eligible.

Building retrofits were recommended by Manitoba’s Expert Advisory Council under the Climate and Green Plan, which will reduce Manitoba’s emissions by one million tonnes by 2023.

“Today’s guarantee to Manitobans is that we will support them in making their homes more energy efficient,” said Squires. “This initiative is good for the environment and good for the economy. It will help Manitobans save money, it will reduce emissions and it will create jobs.

We say yes to Manitoba green and no to Wab Kinew’s super carbon tax that will raise gas prices and make life less affordable for families.”

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