Province Announces Crime Reduction Incentive Program For Police Agencies

Our PC government is seeking innovative proposals through a provincial incentive program to invest $500,000 from the proceeds of crime fund for police agencies to reduce crime across the province.

“Our government is taking a proactive approach to reducing crime in our communities,” said Heather Stefanson. “This competition is designed to get new ideas from the experts in crime reduction – our front-line police officers.” 

The fund is comprised of forfeited funds from federally-prosecuted Criminal Code offences. While the general criteria for the fund is much broader, the program announced today will focus on police agencies with innovative ideas to address Manitoba’s historically high crime rates, said Stefanson. 

To support the advancement of these ideas, a working group will develop the guidelines, application process and evaluation criteria. The application period is expected to open later this summer. 

Modelled after the recent Transformation Capital Fund competition within the civil service, all proposals must provide a realistic return on investment by showing how they will reduce crime. This approach focuses public service investments on initiatives that drive outcomes, the minister noted. 

“Our government is focused on producing real results for Manitobans, even if that means changing the way government does business,” said Stefanson. “I am confident this ground-breaking program will help reduce crime for Manitoba families.” 

This $500,000 crime reduction incentive program complements additional investments of nearly $100,000 this year from the federal proceeds of crime fund on initiatives designed to make Manitobans safer, including nearly $30,000 for a province-wide gun amnesty in June. 

“Today’s announcement strengthens and builds on investments we have already made through this important fund,” said Stefanson. “We look forward to working with our police agencies over the next six weeks as we move forward on our common goal of reducing crime for all Manitobans.”

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