Progressive Conservative Caucus remits salary increase

PC MLAs lead by example, deliver on commitment to voluntarily freeze their wages

Manitoba’s Progressive Conservative MLAs today provided personal cheques to the Government of Manitoba totaling over $70,000 as part of their commitment to freeze their own wages.

“Manitobans elected us to address the fiscal challenges left by the NDP,” said Premier Brian Pallister, MLA for Fort Whyte. “I am proud of our caucus for leading by example by voluntarily freezing our wages as we work together to put Manitoba on the road to recovery.” 

MLA pay in Manitoba is set by an independent commissioner and includes a 1.6 per cent annual cost-of-living increase, which MLAs are receiving as of April 1, 2017. Each member of the PC Caucus has provided personal cheques to the Government of Manitoba equivalent to the total increase they would be eligible to receive during the 2017/18 fiscal year under current regulations. The combined salary returned to taxpayers by PC MLAs for the coming fiscal year totals $70,306.

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