PCs Support Manitoba's Aerospace Sector

Our new PC government is committed to ensuring that Manitoba’s aerospace industry emerges strengthened, not weakened, by decisions made at the federal level.

Manitoba MLAs unanimously supported a government motion in opposition to Bill C-10, an act to amend the Air Canada Public Participation Act.

Industry representatives and the government of Manitoba today expressed further concern with a potential pending decision by the federal government to move ahead with the purchase of an aircraft other than the F-35, outside of an open and transparent tendering process.

“Manitoba businesses are concerned the federal decision to move ahead with both C-10 and with the potential untendered purchase of the Super Hornet instead of the F-35 will undermine the significant investments made in equipment and human resources by Manitoba aerospace companies,” said Don Leitch, president and CEO, Business Council of Manitoba. “Cancellation of defence projects in the past have had a significant and damaging impact on the industry, both in terms of lost investment and eliminated jobs.”

Premier Pallister further emphasized his government’s desire for the federal government to demonstrate its ongoing confidence in the Canadian aerospace industry outside Quebec by investing in innovation and training initiatives in Manitoba.

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