PC Party Announces $2 Billion Health-Care Funding Guarantee

Unprecedented new funding will include construction of new emergency department at St. Boniface Hospital: Pallister

A re-elected Progressive Conservative government will invest an additional $2 billion in health care services and facilities over the next four years, Party Leader Brian Pallister announced today.

“Our $2-billion Health Care Funding Guarantee will allow us to keep moving forward in reducing emergency wait times and increasing the number of hip and knee replacements, cataract surgeries, MRI and CT scans that Manitobans have received since 2016,” said Pallister. “As part of this unprecedented funding guarantee, we will build a new, state-of-the-art emergency department for St. Boniface Hospital.”

The new emergency department will reduce wait times by providing a modern design that improves patient flow and a larger space for clinical staff to work in. The Wait Times Reduction Task Force recommended construction of a new department, noting it was essential to increasing system-wide capacity and ensuring lower wait times that come with a fully integrated, patient-focused health system. The cost of the project would be subject to the tendering process, but is expected to be about $90 million.

“This project, once completed, will allow the world-class care of St. Boniface Hospital to reach more Manitobans than ever before,” said Neil Duboff, chair of the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation. “The St. Boniface Hospital Foundation is pleased to support this commitment, just as we support all investments contributing to innovation and excellence in patient care and research throughout St. Boniface Hospital.”

The Health Care Funding Guarantee will be invested over the next four years, further increasing the record level of funding the PC government has delivered for health care. The PC Party’s investments in health care this year are $414 million higher than what the NDP has ever spent.

Since the PC government took office in 2016, new emergency departments have been opened at Winnipeg’s Grace Hospital ($43.8 million), Flin Flon General Hospital ($27.1 million) and Dauphin Regional Health Centre ($23 million).

“While the NDP wants to take the people of this province backward to longer wait times, this historic funding guarantee reflects our ongoing commitment to improving health care for Manitobans,” said Pallister.

Emergency wait times have already improved by 14 per cent since the Healing the Health System plan was launched in April 2017.  Other new investments as part of the $2-billion Health Care Funding Guarantee will be announced in the days ahead.

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