PC Government Will Reverse NDP Passenger Vehicle Registration Fee Hike

PCs $2020 Tax Rollback Guarantee, lower vehicle registration fees, will make life more affordable for Manitobans: Pallister

A Progressive Conservative government will continue to make life more affordable for Manitobans by lowering Passenger Vehicle Registration fees that were driven sky-high under the tax-and-spend NDP.

“Vehicle Registration Fees are one more example of the way the NDP likes to tax Manitobans to the max,” said Manitoba Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister. “Our PC team believes that money is best left with Manitobans, and so we will reverse this NDP cash grab.”

Under the NDP, vehicle registration fees skyrocketed.  After promising not to raise taxes in the 2011 election, the NDP hiked these fees by 30% in 2012.

A re-elected PC government will reverse the 30% NDP fee hike on passenger vehicles. Once implemented, this fee rollback will save passenger vehicle owners $35 per vehicle every year.

“We know the NDP likes to increase taxes and endlessly hike fees to fund their big spending habits, nickel and diming hardworking Manitobans,” said Pallister.  “Our PC team is the only party that can be trusted to put more money back on the kitchen tables of Manitobans.”

The reduction of passenger vehicle registration fees is one of the many ways a re-elected PC government will make life more affordable in Manitoba.  Savings from this fee reduction will be over and above the $2020 Tax Rollback Guarantee.

The $2020 Tax Rollback Guarantee will save an average Manitoba taxpayer $2,020 over the next four years, reversing these NDP tax hikes.

Measures in the $2020 Tax Rollback Guarantee include:

  • Eliminating the PST on home insurance for both homeowners and renters.
  • Removing the PST on personal care services, such as haircuts and nail treatments.
  • Eliminating the PST on professional tax preparation – an unfair tax on filing taxes.
  • Eliminating probate fees and removing the PST on the preparation of wills.
  • Reducing the PST from eight to seven per cent, saving taxpayers $325 million annually.
  • Indexing the Personal Income Tax Brackets and the Basic Personal Amount every year, which has removed nearly 8,000 Manitobans from the tax rolls over three years.
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