PC Government the Right Choice for Manitoba’s Economy

NDP would bring job losses and lower growth: Pallister

Manitoba PC Leader Brian Pallister announced today that a re-elected Progressive Conservative government will move swiftly to begin creating 40,000 more private sector jobs with a Team Manitoba Jobs Summit to take place the week after we are sworn in.

The summit will bring together key economic groups, investors and entrepreneurs from around the province to begin implementing the ambitious 40,000 Manitoba Works jobs plan.

“We are ready to roll up our sleeves right away to jumpstart our jobs plan,” said Pallister. “We have laid the foundation for new and sustained private sector-led economic growth and will bring Team Manitoba together to map out an action plan.”

Pallister said key indicators continue to demonstrate positive economic progress and Manitoba is first among the provinces in several key areas, including: 

  • number one in private sector capital spending – up by over 10%
  • number one in increased exports to the U.S. – up by 21%; and
  • number one in private sector capital spending in manufacturing, mining, and oil and gas. 

The Manitoba Works jobs plan will build upon real tax savings in the $2020 Tax Rollback Guarantee with initiatives to expand export markets, reduce job-killing red tape, boost momentum in the tourism industry and grow Manitoba with Team Manitoba.

“There is a big difference between our party and the NDP when it comes to creating jobs,” said Pallister. “We support the private sector to invest in real, made-in-Manitoba jobs – not taxpayer subsidized bigger government jobs. This NDP approach gave us a billion dollar interest burden and the highest taxes west of Quebec.”

Wab Kinew signed the Leap Manifesto which calls for an end to resource development, the cancellation of trade deals and the imposition of a sky-high carbon tax. Each of these measures would kill Manitoba jobs and hurt Manitoba families, in northern Manitoba and across Winnipeg.

“This is a radical and risky NDP agenda signed and promoted by Mr. Kinew,” said Pallister. “He stands for a super carbon tax of 60 cents or more per litre of gas that will make life less affordable for Manitoba families.”

The PC Leader noted Wab Kinew and the NDP pose a real risk to Manitoba’s economic future. Our province needs experienced leadership in order to move forward and achieve a more affordable, more secure and more prosperous future for everyone, he said. 

“Manitobans want to be part of building our economy,” said Pallister. “More money on the kitchen tables will help them do it. Our strong, diverse and experienced PC team will continue to provide meaningful tax relief for Manitobans while reducing job-killing red tape and leading the country in eliminating internal trade barriers that cost investment.”

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