PC Government Moves Forward Legislative Agenda In Spring House Sitting

Our PC government moved forward with several major initiatives to rebuild the Manitoba economy, fix the province’s finances, and repair the services Manitobans count on, government house leader Cliff Cullen said today. Last night, the majority of the government’s spring legislative agenda was passed by Manitoba’s legislative assembly. 

“Manitobans elected our government with an eye on ensuring value for money on major projects, on making life easier through tax breaks that would put more money on their kitchen table and on strengthening public safety,” Cullen said.  “Our government recognizes the trust that Manitobans put in us and we are focused on keeping our promises to the people of this province.” 

Cullen noted major legislative achievements in this session include:

  • passing The Sustainable Watershed Act, Manitoba’s comprehensive strategy on watershed management marks a momentous first step in the Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan,
  • expanding protections for whistleblowers in the provincial public sector and allowing municipalities to adopt the same standards for municipal workers,
  • strengthening public safety measures following the federal legalization of cannabis, including measures to combat drugged driving and cannabis smoking in outdoor public places,
  • restoring political accountability by ensuring employment contracts and severance payments for political staff are publicly disclosed,
  • enhancing parental leave options for new parents and extending leave provisions for individuals  to care for critically ill family members, and
  • reducing red tape through consolidation of the heavy truck licensing system and allowing municipalities to set speed limits on municipal roads.

The government is looking forward to continuing debate on the province’s 2018 budget and major bills such as the regulation of night hunting and ending the discriminatory practice of forced unionization, Cullen noted. Debate will also continue on the government’s request for all MLAs to review and strengthen conflict of interest rules for MLAs.

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