PC Caucus Selects Kelvin Goertzen as Interim Leader

The Manitoba Progressive Conservative Caucus has selected the Hon. Kelvin Goertzen, MLA for Steinbach, to serve as Interim Leader and Premier designate.

“There was healthy dialogue and discussion at this meeting on the future of our caucus and a desired path forward for an interim leader,” said Caucus Chair Greg Nesbitt. “It was unanimously decided that Kelvin Goertzen is the best person to lead us through this interim period until a new leader is selected in the fall. I have notified the Lieutenant Governor of the caucus’ decision.”

MLA Goertzen has served as the MLA for Steinbach since 2003. He has previously served as Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living and Minister of Education. On January 5, 2021 he was appointed Minister of Legislative and Public Affairs and Deputy Premier of Manitoba.

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