New Tax Relief Will Make Life More Affordable for Manitoba Homeowners

Eliminating PST on home insurance reverses previous NDP government tax grab

A re-elected Progressive Conservative government will bring even more PST tax relief to Manitoba homeowners by eliminating the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) on home insurance for households and renters.

“Our PC team is committed to making life more affordable for all Manitobans,” said Manitoba Progressive Conservative Leader, Brian Pallister. “The elimination of the PST on home insurance means more money in the pockets of people and more money on the kitchen table for families to spend.”

The average household – both homeowners and renters - will save approximately $70 annually.

“With increasing Federal and municipal taxes and rising interest rates, now more than ever Manitobans deserve a break. Eliminating the PST from home insurance will make life a bit more affordable for Manitoban families when it comes to something that matters most, their homes,” said Pallister.

The NDP started charging the PST on insurance products in 2012 before breaking their word to Manitobans in 2013, increasing the PST to eight percent in a $325 million tax grab. Wab Kinew’s NDP voted against every tax reduction the PC government brought forward and Kinew refuses to say he won’t raise the PST back up to 8 percent or higher to pay for his risky campaign promises.

The PC government is now giving $325 million back to Manitobans each and every year with our July 1st PST reduction to seven percent.

“The NDP broke their promise to Manitobans and raised the PST. We kept our promise and reduced the PST from eight percent to seven percent. Now, we are going further to make life even more affordable by allowing Manitobans to keep more of their hard-earned money. We are the only team that is committed to providing new tax relief to Manitobans, and today’s announcement is just the start,” said Pallister.

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