New Job Numbers show Positive Progress with PC Government

More jobs in Manitoba in 2019: Fielding

New labour force statistics confirm more Manitobans are working now in 2019 than when our PC government was elected in April 2016.

Under the PC government’s leadership, Manitoba has added over 32,000 more private sector jobs during their 40 months in office, far surpassing the previous NDP government’s loss of 5,000 similar jobs over the same timeframe at the end of their term of higher taxes and bigger deficits.

“Our balanced approach to keeping taxes low and strengthening Manitoba’s finances is working,” said Scott Fielding, PC candidate for Kirkfield Park. “The NDP put up a lot of ‘steady growth’ signs to promote themselves but there were few signs of steady growth to go with it.”

Fielding noted the NDP plan for a 60 cent per litre super carbon tax, a 9 per cent PST and a return to big deficits would pour cold water on the economy and kill Manitoba’s jobs growth.

“Manitoba remains on track to be among the most improved provinces in the country,” said Fielding. “The NDP’s high-tax plan would take us backward in the wrong direction. Wab Kinew is a risk we cannot afford.”

A re-elected PC team will begin implementing its 40,000 Manitoba Works Job plan the week after it is sworn in with a Team Manitoba Jobs Summit. The Manitoba Works jobs plan will build upon the real tax savings in the $2020 Tax Rollback Guarantee with initiatives to expand export markets, reduce job-killing red tape, boost momentum in the tourism industry and grow Manitoba with Team Manitoba.

“More job opportunities right here at home keeps young Manitobans working right here at home,” said Fielding. “A re-elected PC team will build on the strong foundation we have established and the success we have achieved since forming government.”

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