NDP Carbon Tax Would Devastate the North, Make Life More Expensive

Kinew needs to tell the truth about how much more the NDP will make northerners pay: Pallister

Manitoba’s Progressive Conservatives are calling on NDP Leader Wab Kinew to be truthful about his plan for a sky-high carbon tax and how much it will cost families and households in northern Manitoba.

“Wab Kinew and the NDP want to bring in a massive, rising carbon tax that will do nothing but make life more expensive the north,” said Manitoba PC Leader Brian Pallister. “Northern Manitobans deserve to know just how much the NDP carbon tax will cost them. It’s time for Wab Kinew to come clean and tell the truth.”

On August 8, Kinew and the NDP released their election platform which commits to meeting the targets outlined in the Paris Accord. Achieving the Paris targets would require the highest carbon tax in the country – as high as $300 per tonne.

At the NDP-supported level of $300 per tonne, every litre of gasoline would cost an extra 60 cents, bringing the average gas price in Manitoba to a whopping $1.75 per litre. That’s an additional $45 to fill up a tank of gas. 

“The NDP under Wab Kinew are a real risk to our way of life in the north – a risk we cannot afford,” said Pallister. “The NDP will make life more expensive by imposing a devastatingly high carbon tax on northerners that will make it cost more to drive to work, take the kids to hockey or heat your home.”

Wab Kinew also signed the Leap Manifesto which calls for an end to resource development, the cancellation of trade deals and the imposition of a sky-high carbon tax. Each of these measures would kill Manitoba jobs and hurt families, in northern Manitoba and across the province.

“This is a radical and risky NDP agenda signed and promoted by Mr. Kinew,” said the PC Leader. “Northern Manitoba cannot afford to go backwards with Wab Kinew and the NDP.”

Pallister noted Manitoba’s Progressive Conservative Party is the only party that will make life more affordable for hard-working Manitobans and save an average Manitoba taxpayer $2,020 over the next four years by reversing the NDP’s broken promise tax hikes.

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