Manitoba Succeeds In Breaking Down Interprovincial Trade Barriers

Saint Andrews, NB – Premier Brian Pallister attended the summer meeting of Canada’s premiers in St. Andrews, New Brunswick and led discussions resulting in meaningful action to reduce barriers to internal trade and progress on other Manitoba priorities.

Manitoba has no personal-use limits for alcohol crossing its boundaries and welcomes the commitment of all premiers to significantly increase their limits.  On behalf of all premiers, Premier Pallister and Premier Stephen McNeil of Nova Scotia will also lead further work by provincial and territorial trade ministers to advance greater consumer choice for alcohol products, and to bring down internal trade barriers in other specific areas including transport regulations, agriculture, business registration and occupational health and safety.

“Internal trade barriers cost Canadian households $1,500 every year.  We made great progress this week in strengthening Canada and improving the lives of Canadians,” said Pallister.  “The work we are doing will help energize the economy, create jobs and put money back on the kitchen tables of Canadian families.”

Pallister also noted agreement by premiers in other key areas, including calling on the federal government to:

  • Return health care funding to sustainable levels;
  • Fully compensate affected provinces for the costs associated with the influx of asylum seekers;
  • Address outstanding public health and safety concerns related to cannabis legalization; and
  • Work with Greyhound to extend the notice period for service suspensions to ensure affected communities have adequate alternative services in place.

Manitoba welcomed a fall meeting with First Ministers focused on the economy.  While provinces and territories are taking meaningful action to address trade barriers within their control, we look forward to discussions with the Prime Minister on reducing federal barriers to internal trade.

“As we face challenges on Canada-U.S. trade, we in the Canadian family must walk the talk and tear down our own trade barriers,” said Pallister.

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