Manitoba’s Progressive Conservatives to Build a Brighter Future in the North

NDP is a real risk to our way a life, a risk we can’t afford: Pallister

THOMPSON — A re-elected Progressive Conservative government will continue to build a more affordable, more secure and a more prosperous future for those who call northern Manitoba their home, PC Party Leader Brian Pallister announced today.

“After years of the NDP taking northern Manitoba for granted, only a strong, united PC team will lower taxes, increase economic opportunity and make life more affordable for northern Manitobans,” said Pallister. “The NDP is a real risk to your way of life in the north. A risk we can’t afford. They want to shut down our mining sector and make it harder for Manitoba to sell our products on the global market.

“At the same time, the NDP has said they will make life less affordable in the north by imposing a devastatingly high and rising carbon tax on northerners.”

Pallister noted a re-elected PC government will help build a better future for northerners by lowering taxes, fighting crime, and investing in good jobs in the tourism and resource industries. Key initiatives to support residents and businesses in Thompson include the following:   

Lowering Taxes to Make Life More Affordable:

  • Reducing the PST from eight to seven per cent and saving an average Manitoba taxpayer $2,020 over the next four years by reversing the NDP broken promise tax hikes.

Safer Streets, Safer Communities:

  • Investing $12 million to make Thompson a safer place to live, including renovating the courthouse; adding two new RCMP officers to crack down on drug crime and violence; bringing the community together on a new strategy to address the issues of public intoxication and runaway youth; and providing new funding for Thompson Hub community programs to prevent crime by getting at-risk people the supports they need.

Taking Tourism to New Heights:

  • Increasing our record funding levels to build on the tremendous momentum northern tourism has achieved under our PC government, and adding support for the growth and promotion of Manitoba’s world-class tourism destinations. 

Creating Jobs, Growth in Mining:

  • Establishing a new $20 million Manitoba Mineral Development Fund as part of the Manitoba Works jobs plan; adding 40,000 private sector jobs over four years; providing resources to formalize new mineral protocol agreements with First Nations communities; and supporting and advancing all phases of mineral development in the north.

“Under the previous NDP government, Manitoba became a less attractive place for the mining industry,” said Pallister. “We cannot afford to go backwards to the NDP whose leader, Wab Kinew, signed the Leap Manifesto, a document that pledges to shut down Manitoba’s mining industry.

“The PC Party is committed to mineral exploration and development – and strong, sustainable economic growth and good jobs throughout northern Manitoba,” said the PC Leader.  “We are committed to making Manitoba one of the most mining friendly jurisdictions in the world, and the top mining province or territory in Canada. A re-elected Manitoba PC government will make this a reality.”

Pallister confirmed that a re-elected PC government will work with northern partners to advance economic development initiatives that will grow local businesses, create jobs, attract investment and increase prosperity in northern Manitoba.

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