Manitoba's Deficit Higher Than Selinger Presented

Greg Selinger left Manitoba taxpayers with even more debt than expected - the projected core deficit for 2015-16 is now $1.012 billion. 

That is 52% higher than what was presented in Selinger's March fiscal update!

Manitoba's new PC government will table its first budget on May 31. It will be a transparent and complete fiscal plan that will put the province back on the course toward a strong economy able to protect and improve the front-line services that Manitobans rely upon.

“Over the last decade, core budget expenditures were exceeded every single year,” said Cameron Friesen, Manitoba's new PC Finance Minister. “The consequences of this pattern of over-spending budgets are alarming. It will take time to undo the damage we have inherited and to correct the course but we are confident in our team’s ability to deliver for Manitobans.”

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