Manitoba PCs to elect new leader October 30th

One member, one vote election to select leader

The Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba will hold a leadership election on October 30th as decided today by the party executive council.  The election will select a new party leader and the next Premier of Manitoba via a one member, one vote process.  The executive council also named George Orle, Q.C. as the chair of the leadership election committee.

“Executive council expressed its gratitude to Brian Pallister for his contributions as our leader for the last nine years,” said Orle. “They wish to conduct the election quickly and in a fair and open manner so that we can focus on leading Manitoba’s pandemic recovery,”

The election will be conducted by mail-in ballot, with votes to be counted October 30th in Winnipeg.  The deadline for nominations will be September 15th and the cut-off date for new memberships is October 1. 

“Our party is proud to conduct our leadership elections via a one member, one vote process that gives our members a real voice,” said party president Tom Wiebe. “We look forward to reaching out and including as many Manitobans as we can in this process.” 

The executive council also established the application criteria required to enter the race.  Applicants must submit an entry fee of $25,000, as well as sign-up a minimum of 1000 new or renewed party members. 

[Rules and Procedures for the conduct of the Leadership Election Process - click here]

[Leadership Election Committee and Subcommittees]

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