Manitoba PC Party Will Eliminate the PST On Tax Preparation

A re-elected PC government will make life more affordable by rolling back this tax on taxation

A PC government will eliminate the NDP’s Provincial Sales Tax on the preparation of tax forms to save Manitobans money and encourage them to get the advice and help they need in filing their taxes.

“The NDP added insult to injury with this new tax,” said Manitoba Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister. “The NDP loved taxes so much, they thought you should pay extra for the privilege of paying them by charging the PST on tax preparation services.

“Unlike the NDP, we believe taxes are high enough without having to pay taxes when you pay your taxes.”

Eliminating this NDP tax will save Manitobans about $3 million each year.

Wab Kinew’s NDP broadened the PST in 2002, 2004, 2010, and 2012 before they raised it to eight per cent in 2013 – after promising Manitobans they wouldn’t.

The PC government has lowered the tax burden on working Manitobans and their families and, if re-elected, will keep doing so.

“We are the only team that is fighting for lower taxes and helping to put more money on the kitchen tables of Manitobans.  Wab Kinew and the NDP’s risky high-tax platform will hurt families and our economy,” said Pallister.

The PC government has already provided historic tax relief to Manitobans, including:

  • Reducing the PST from eight to seven per cent, saving taxpayers $325 million annually.
  • Indexing the Personal Income Tax Brackets and the Basic Personal Amount every year, which has removed an estimated 7,720 Manitobans from the tax rolls over three years.

If re-elected, a PC government will help Manitobans by:

  • Eliminating the PST on home insurance.
  • Removing the PST on personal care services, such as haircuts and nail treatments.
  • Eliminating the PST on wills and probate fees -- otherwise known as a death tax.
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