Manitoba PC Party Unveils Manitoba Works Jobs Plan To Add 40,000 Private Sector Jobs

Strong first-term performance builds on our established framework for a stronger economy, a better Manitoba: Pallister

A re-elected Manitoba Progressive Conservative government will implement a comprehensive Manitoba Works jobs and economic growth plan to add 40,000 private sector jobs over the next four years, Manitoba PC Leader Brian Pallister announced today.

“We have a plan for sustained economic growth and are setting an ambitious target of 40,000 new private sector jobs in our second term,” said Pallister. “Manitoba Works will build on the foundation we have established and success we have achieved since forming government.”

The Manitoba Works jobs plan will implement faster permitting systems with clear service standards and appeal mechanisms to unleash private sector investments and encourage expansion of commercial space, industrial facilities and residential real estate.

It will act on the recommendations of the Review of Planning, Permitting & Zoning in Manitoba which identifies problems with these activities across the entire province, including with Manitoba Hydro, the Office of the Fire Commissioner, the City of Winnipeg, as well as all other municipalities and rural planning districts. The review was undertaken with a view towards unlocking new growth and development opportunities in the province. 

Pallister noted removing these barriers will unleash new investments representing $5.1 billion per year or around 7 per cent of provincial GDP. For every day we can reduce unnecessary permitting delays, our provincial GDP will grow by $17 million, municipal tax base revenues will grow by $400,000 and provincial tax revenues will increase by $1.7 million, he said.

Other components of the Manitoba Works plan include the following:

  • Building on our Strengths: increasing support for tourism and the film industry, and establishing sector strategies in key areas of opportunity like food processing and commercialization, advanced manufacturing and aerospace; 
  • Growing Manitoba with ‘Team Manitoba’: enhancing Manitoba’s new Economic Development Office and working with partners to form strategic teams to attract new investment to the province; 
  • Paving the Way for Growth: establishing a ten-year strategic capital plan and increasing the provincial highways program by 14 per cent from $350M to $400M over the next four years, with dedicated funds for infrastructure projects that enable private sector job creation;
  • Accelerating Talent Acquisition and Business Expansion: fast-tracking the development of Manitoba's skills, talent and knowledge strategy, and strengthening partnerships between employers and training opportunities;
  • Making Winnipeg the Growth Capital of Western Canada: partnering with the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region on a new plan to make the region more attractive for business and an even better place to live;
  • Enhancing Connectivity: developing an innovative broadband strategy to expand connectivity and support job creation in rural, northern and remote communities;
  • Advancing Look North: delivering new money to stimulate mineral exploration and development in the North; 
  • Spurring Green Innovation: working together with the private sector to create new clean technology jobs; and
  • Freeing the Beer: bringing forward regulatory reforms to enable growth and expansion of local distillers and craft brewers.

Pallister noted Manitoba Works will focus on private sector job creation and build on the current economic development strategy and ‘Team Manitoba’ approach announced by the PC government in December 2018. It will be supported by ongoing work to provide meaningful tax relief for Manitobans, reduce job-killing red tape and eliminate internal trade barriers that cost investment, he said.

“Parents want to know that their children will have opportunities waiting for them when they finish school, so they can succeed and build a bright future here in Manitoba,” said Pallister. “Manitoba Works will help create the well-paying jobs of the future.

“Our plan will ensure more Manitobans are working and finding good jobs than at any other time in our province’s history.”

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