Manitoba PC Party Releases Moving Manitoba Forward: Our Guarantee to Manitobans

PC Leader Brian Pallister unveils five-point guarantee that offers $2020 savings in tax rollbacks

The Manitoba Progressive Conservative Party today released its Moving Manitoba Forward Guarantee which sets out five key commitments in a renewed PC mandate that will make life more affordable, more secure and more prosperous for all Manitobans.

“Our vision for a better Manitoba is clear. A re-elected Progressive Conservative government will move Manitoba forward on a path of affordability, security and prosperity,” said Manitoba PC Leader Brian Pallister. “This guarantee builds on the progress and accomplishments of our first mandate and renews our commitment to lead the country in lower taxes, better services and a stronger economy.”

Our Moving Manitoba Forward Guarantee includes:

  • $2020 Tax Rollback
  • Health Care Funding Guarantee
  • New Schools Sooner
  • Manitoba Works Job Plan
  • Yes, to Made-In-Manitoba Green

Our $2020 Tax Rollback guarantee will make life more affordable for Manitoba taxpayers by putting more money on the kitchen tables of hard working families, and ending the NDP’s legacy of endless tax grabs.

“This is real, meaningful tax relief for all Manitobans who paid higher and higher taxes under the previous NDP government who hiked 15 taxes in 14 years,” said Pallister. “A re-elected PC government will save an average Manitoba taxpayer $2,020 over the next four years.”

The $2020 Tax Rollback plan includes several measures, some previously announced:

  • Reducing the PST from eight to seven per cent
  • Indexing the Basic Personal Allowance and Personal Income Tax Brackets
  • Removing the PST on home insurance
  • Removing the PST on personal care services, such as haircuts and nail treatments
  • Removing the PST on professional tax preparation
  • Removing probate fees and removing the PST on the preparation of wills.

The 2020 Tax Rollback plan will be fully implemented over the next four years.

“The PC team is the only team that is committed and has the proven track record to lower taxes for all Manitobans,” said Pallister. “Every voter must ask themselves, who do you trust to keep their word to you and your family?”

Moving Manitoba Forward: Our Guarantee to Manitobans builds off the hard work, dedication and real progress made in fixing the finances, repairing the services, and rebuilding the economy over the past four years, Pallister noted. Further details of the five-point guarantee will be released in the coming days.

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