Manitoba PC Party Releases ‘Keeping Our Word’

Highlights of PC government include lowering the PST, cutting ambulance fees in half

The Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba has released “Keeping Our Word,” a report to Manitobans which reveals every single commitment from the 2016 election was actioned under the PC government.

“In 2016, our PC Team said to Manitobans ‘elect us and we will keep our word to you,’ and we have,” said PC leader Brian Pallister. “I am proud to report to you that 90% of our commitments are complete with the remainder in progress.”

The “Keeping Our Word” report outlines all 2016 platform commitments and updates the status of each one.

“It also sets out the results we have achieved, together,” Pallister said. “As we seek a renewed mandate from Manitobans, there is only one party – our PC team – that will keep its word to you.”

Highlights of the PC government record:

  • We reduced the PST. As promised, our PC government lowered the PST from 8 per cent to 7 per cent, saving a family of four an average of $500 a year. 
  • We reduced ambulance fees. Under our PC government, ambulance fees have been reduced by half.
  • We shortened ER wait times. In 2018, Manitoba was only province in the entire country to reduce ER and other wait times.
  • We invested more than $1 billion annually in strategic infrastructure. This includes investments in roads, bridges, flood protection, hospitals, schools, universities and colleges.
  • We launched the Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan. We are investing $100 million in green infrastructure through our innovative Conservation Trust Program, helping preserve and protect our province for future generations.

“The NDP hiked 15 taxes over 14 years, and we know Wab Kinew wants to slap extra taxes on Manitobans, like increasing the carbon tax by about 60 cents a litre of gas, which is a risk we simply can’t afford,” said Pallister. “Our PC team is standing up for Manitoba families by putting a stop to years of the NDP’s reckless tax grabs.”






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