Manitoba PC Party Guarantees 20 New Schools Over the Next Decade

Fastest pace of school construction in Manitoba history: Pallister

A re-elected Progressive Conservative government will construct new schools sooner in Manitoba over the next decade — bringing the number of new schools built since taking office to 20. This commitment represents a record-setting investment in new school construction that will give more students the opportunity to learn in the very best classroom spaces.

“Improving education outcomes is a priority for Manitobans and our government. Manitobans want good schools for their children. We will build 13 new schools over the next ten years, in addition to the seven already committed under our government that are currently in various stages of design and construction,” said Manitoba PC Leader Brian Pallister, “Twenty new schools over a decade represents the fastest pace of school construction in Manitoba history.”

Today’s announcement will see new schools constructed in cities and towns across Manitoba, including Morden, Brandon, Sage Creek and Winnipeg. It includes a new francophone school for Transcona, a kindergarten to grade eight school in Sage Creek, and two new schools in Brandon (see backgrounder for full list).

The New Schools Sooner guarantee is part of the PC Party’s five-point Moving Manitoba Forward Guarantee, which sets out a vision for the future including better jobs, safer communities, high-quality health care, and improved education.

Under Wab Kinew’s NDP, a record number of students were forced to study in modular classrooms or trailers, while traditional brick-and-mortar schools deteriorated.

“Our commitment means nearly 11,000 students will be learning in real classrooms rather than trailers,” said Pallister. “This is better for students and for teachers.”

Continued investment in school construction means more classrooms, better learning environments, and better results for students. Our government is committed to improving student outcomes.

The K-12 Education Commission was launched last year and has consulted with thousands of teachers, students, and parents to develop recommendations for improving the overall quality of public education.

“Good schools are the key to a good education, and a good education is key to success in life.” said Pallister.

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