Manitoba PC Party announces plan to reduce crime, improve safety in downtown Winnipeg

Safer Streets, Safer Lives Action Plan to invest $10 million to ramp up enforcement in Winnipeg and across Manitoba: Pallister

A re-elected Progressive Conservative government will invest $10 million to reduce crime and ensure families can feel safe in Winnipeg’s downtown, PC Leader Brian Pallister announced today.

“Our Safer Streets, Safer Lives Action Plan will reduce crime in our downtown so that Manitobans never have to feel afraid taking their families to a Jets game or walking to their cars at night,” said Manitoba PC Leader Brian Pallister.

Today the PC Party released its mandate to David Asper, chair of the Manitoba Police Commission, instructing the Commission to develop recommendations on the province’s role in providing increased foot patrols, more surveillance cameras, improved lighting, stronger enforcement of panhandling laws and better coordination between police and prosecutions to target prolific offenders. A re-elected PC government will take immediate action to address its recommendations.

A Winnipeg police survey showed 90% of women would feel unsafe walking alone downtown after dark.

“Women and their families should never feel unsafe visiting downtown Winnipeg at night, which is why our government is investing in more resources for police to crack down on the criminals who are victimizing Winnipeg and communities throughout Manitoba,” said Pallister.

The PC Safer Streets, Safer Lives Action Plan to keep Manitobans safe in their homes and neighbourhood includes:

  • Support for Winnipeg Police Service tactical enforcement to crack down on drug crime;
  • Invest in joint forces operations between the RCMP and municipal police services to target drug dealers;
  • Invest in roadway drug interdiction efforts to combat the supply of illicit drugs into Manitoba;
  • Establish a centralized criminal intelligence database within the Department of Justice;
  • Hire more investigators with the Public Safety Investigations Unit to get drug dealers on the run from rental property;
  • Launch a Crime Stoppers ad blitz and provide more cash for drug tips;
  • Support community-based crime prevention programs to get at-risk people the support they need;
  • Expand civil forfeiture to make it easier to turn seized cash and assets from criminals into resources for police; and
  • Support RCMP efforts to address rural crime.

“Wab Kinew and the NDP didn’t even mention the words, ‘public safety’ or ‘crime’ in their platform,” said Pallister. “Tackling crime and downtown safety are just not important to them. Let’s not go backwards with the NDP.”

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