Leadership Committee approves candidates to seek PC Leadership

Party will select new leader October 30th

The Leadership Election Committee (LEC) of the PC Party of Manitoba today announced that it has completed the review of all applications for the Leadership Election to take place October 30th.

Shelly Glover and Heather Stefanson will be the two official candidates to seek the party leadership, having met all requirements as set out in the rules established by the Party’s Executive Council.

Applicants were required to submit or complete the following requirements:

a)  a detailed application in a prescribed form;

b)  nomination signatures from 50 party members in good standing;

c)  participate in an interview process to ensure a commitment to the principles

and values of the party;

d)  an entry fee of $25,000; and

e)  provide evidence of having sold at least 1000 new members for the party.

This is a rigorous application process that embodies a broad range of factors, all of which have been carefully considered,said George Orle, Q.C., chair of the LEC. Its an exciting time for us to engage Manitobans to elect the next Premier of Manitoba, and we look forward to an enthusiastic campaign.

The Party will select a new leader and Premier-designate on October 30 following a one member-one vote, mail-in ballot process. The deadline to become a member in order to vote is October 1st.

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