Kinew & NDP pledge $70 million ‘hush money’ pact with MMF

NDP special deal would drive up hydro rates; vote-buying on ratepayer’s dime

Last week saw a disturbing development take place on the campaign trail as Wab Kinew and the NDP promised $70 million in ‘hush money’ to Manitoba Metis Federation President David Chartrand to buy votes and popularity with ratepayer’s money.

On Thursday evening, Kinew and Chartrand met to agree on a special backroom deal to buy votes with Manitoba Hydro money and strip the rights of Indigenous communities from participating in consultation and regulatory processes for current and future hydro projects.

“Mr. Kinew’s risky inexperience is on full display. Instead of standing up for Manitoba taxpayers and ratepayers, he is caving in to buy popularity with your money,” said PC Leader Brian Pallister. “The NDP and Wab Kinew are continuing their dangerous practice of using Manitoba taxpayers as their own personal ATM to buy votes which will cause Hydro rates to rise as a result.”

Kinew has also pledged an uncosted $160 million in hydro rebates to buy the votes of all Manitoban ratepayers with an added special $70 million payout. It’s clear that Kinew and the special interest NDP will say and spend anything to get elected.

“I want to say to all Manitobans that we will always stand up for Manitoba taxpayers and ratepayers” said Pallister. “Mr. Kinew and his party will hike your taxes and jack up your Hydro rates to buy the support of Mr. Chartrand at your expense.”

Manitobans are still feeling the devastating impacts on Manitoba Hydro from the NDP’s decade of debt, decay and decline:

  • Political interference by the NDP to build Bipole III down the west side of Manitoba caused $1 billion in unnecessary costs.
  • Every major Hydro capital project commissioned by the NDP was behind schedule and over budget. 
  • Hydro rates increased almost 30% since Greg Selinger became NDP premier in 2009. Rates had risen at more than double the rate of inflation during that period of time.

Manitobans know this election is about trust and taxes and the only thing you can trust the NDP to do is raise your taxes.

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