Joining the New West Partnership!

The previous NDP government failed Manitoba by ideologically refusing to join the New West Partnership (NWP) Trade Agreement with the governments of Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

But less than one month after winning the election, our PC government is correcting that mistake and has commenced negotiations that would lead to Manitoba joining the NWP!

The other western premiers welcomed Manitoba joining the NWP, and highlighted the potential further expand trade and business opportunities through the trade agreement.

“Manitoba joining the NWP would create even more opportunities in the West. I look forward to working together with my western colleagues to build on our competitive advantage with the goal of making our provinces even stronger and more prosperous." 
- Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall.

The NWP is a historic partnership created in 2010 by Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. The premiers noted that with the inclusion of Manitoba, NWP will cover over 30 per cent of the Canadian population and the significant economic potential of all four western provinces.

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