Jasmine Brar nominated in Burrows

Will carry PC Banner in new constituency: Pallister

The Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba is pleased to announce Jasmine Brar as the nominated candidate for the next provincial election after securing the party’s nomination in the new constituency of Burrows.

“Jasmine has extensive experience in administrative, small business and community roles,” said PC Party Leader Brian Pallister. “Her record of community service makes her the best choice to represent the new constituency of Burrows. I look forward to working with her as we build a winning team that will continue to earn the trust of Manitobans in the next provincial election.”

Jasmine is currently a department administrator at the University of Manitoba Asper School of Business.  She has previous experience in small business, pharmaceutical sector and the financial service industry.   Jasmine continues to be actively involved in the community through volunteer work with various organizations, serves on a local neighbourhood association as its president and co-chairs a parent advisory council at a local public school.   Jasmine is a proud wife and mother to two teenaged children.

In preparation for the next provincial election, the PC Party of Manitoba has begun the process of nominating candidates across the province. The December 2018 report of the independent Electoral Divisions Boundaries Commission made significant changes to the existing electoral boundaries.  As a result, founding meetings for new or redrawn constituencies may be required prior to or in conjunction with the nomination meetings.  We look forward to building a winning team that reflects the values of Manitobans and our vision for a stronger, more prosperous Manitoba. Additional founding and nomination meetings will be held in the coming weeks.

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