Instructions for completing your ballot

PC Party of Manitoba 2021 Leadership Election

The PC Party of Manitoba 2021 leadership election is a choice between two leadership candidates. The winner of the leadership election will be the candidate that obtains the most votes between the two candidates.

Included in your voting package are:

  • A membership identification form with instructions marked “A”
  • A ballot, marked “B”
  • A ballot envelope, marked “C”
  • A postage paid pre-addressed return envelope, marked “D”

If you did not receive all of the pieces of the voting package please call 204.594.4080 for assistance.

Instructions for Completing Your Ballot

  1. Complete your ballot “B” by marking an “X” in the box beside the candidate for whom you are voting.
  2. Put your ballot “B” in the ballot envelope “C”, seal the ballot envelope “C”, and put it in the postage paid return envelope “D”.
  3. Fold this membership identification form “A” and put it in postage paid return envelope “D”.
  4. Include a copy of your id in the postage paid return envelope “D”. There are two options to prove your identity and current address:
    • Provide a copy of your driver’s license, provincial id card, or any other government card with your photo, name, and current address.
    • Provide a copy of two pieces of other id which must contain your current address. A full list of acceptable id can be found here.
  5. Your postage paid return envelope “D” should now contain your sealed ballot envelope “C”, this membership identification form “A”, and a copy of your identification.
  6. Seal your postage paid return envelope “D” and mail it through Canada Post or drop it off at one of the available secure drop off locations. Secure drop off locations will be published on this website. Ballots that are not received by 17:00 Oct 29, 2021 will not be counted.
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