Goertzen Calls on NDP Leader to Pull Down Union Attack Ads

Official complaint filed with Elections Commissioner

Kelvin Goertzen, the PC Party candidate for Steinbach, called on the Leader of the Manitoba NDP, Wab Kinew, to put a stop to an election advertising campaign sponsored by his union allies including Unifor and associated unions.

“If Wab Kinew truly believes in our election laws he needs to pick up the phone, call his friends, and have these ads stopped,” said Goertzen.

The Election Financing Act requires all third parties, including unions, to register with Elections Manitoba and adhere to strict spending limits, disclosure and reporting requirements.

In a formal complaint sent to the provincial Elections Commissioner on August 23rd, the PC Party of Manitoba charged that an election advertising campaign sponsored by Unifor:

  • Exceeds the election period spending limits;
  • Is being run in collusion with unregistered associated unions; and
  • Fails to include endorsements identifying the third-party sponsor.

The PC Party has requested urgent action by the Elections Commissioner including:

  • immediate deregistration of Unifor as a third party;
  • removal of all Unifor and associated union election advertising; and, if necessary,
  • an injunction to force Unifor to refrain from any further election advertising.

The complaint letter also noted the close relationship between the unions and the Manitoba NDP, including the coordination of their advertising and election strategies and the formal role unions enjoy in the Manitoba NDP constitution.

“Third party election rules are in place to ensure elections are fair, open and accessible for voters,” noted Goertzen, “A failure to comply hurts public confidence in the electoral process. We’re calling on Wab Kinew and the NDP to do the right thing and stop these ads while the Commissioner investigates.”

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