Better Care, Sooner


November 29, 2018
Great news!

Data released today by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) shows Manitoba’s plan for lowering emergency wait times in Winnipeg is working.

At a time when emergency wait times are increasing across Canada, we are seeing dramatic across-the-board improvements at hospitals throughout the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. We are bringing down wait times, improving patient care and delivering on our promise to heal our health system.

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September 25, 2018
Wait times down 8.5%!

Overall Emergency Department wait times are down 8.5% since last October. View the report here.


September 11, 2018
MRI wait times down 30% in Manitoba

As reported in the Winnipeg Sun: "Wait times for MRIs in Manitoba have declined 30% over the past year, a sign the Pallister government’s health care reform plans may be showing some early indications of success.

"The median wait time in Manitoba for a scheduled MRI test was 16 weeks in July, which has declined steadily since July 2017 when the wait time was 23 weeks. Manitoba has struggled with MRI wait times in recent years, with patients often having to wait well over six months for a scheduled test. There are no wait times for emergency MRIs."


April 17, 2018
Wait times are down!

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) Preliminary 2017/18 Year-end Wait Times show an overall 15 per cent improvement in wait times since the region began implementing consolidation strategies in October 2017. Median wait times improved to 1.62 hours in 2017/2018 from 1.95 hours in 2016/17.


April 2018
Ambulance fees have been reduced again!

Manitobans going through a potentially life-threatening situation should not have to worry about whether they can afford an ambulance before calling for one!

Our PC government is committed to ensuring that Manitoba’s health care system is better, stronger, and more affordable.

Our PC government has budgeted $452 million more than the last NDP budget - more is being spent on health care today than ever before!

Experts have told us that the health care system in Manitoba is not sustainable without significant change.

We are reforming health care to ensure better care sooner for you and your family. By concentrating hospital resources, investing in emergency services, reducing ambulance fees and hiring more paramedics, you will:

  • Receive faster care through shorter ER wait times
  • Get the right care at the right time at the right place
  • Spend less of your money should you need an ambulance

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