Wab Kinew's NDP need to explain their actions


Manitobans finally have answers to key questions regarding the Bipole III and Keeyask projects.

The cost overruns on these projects have placed a burden of billions of dollars directly on to Manitobans.

Our PC government commissioned this review to find out how these projects were allowed to go ahead, and to get recommendations on how to ensure it never happens again.

Among the review’s findings were:

  • The former NDP government actively dismissed and ignored concerns regarding Keeyask and Bipole III
  • The former NDP government directly interfered to ensure these projects would go ahead based on their political preferences, rather than on expert economic and environmental advice.
  • Once these projects were underway, the former NDP government abandoned proper oversight which allowed the project costs to escalate by billions of dollars.

As the owners of Manitoba Hydro, Manitobans need to be able to hold Hydro and their projects to account.

Our government is committed to taking Hydro out of the dark and moving it into the light so that this kind of unprecedented mismanagement can never happen again.

The NDP need to explain their actions. Sign below if you agree!