Emergency Wait Times Significantly Improved Under PC Government

Stats show all Winnipeg hospitals have seen sharp decrease in waits since NDP left office: Friesen


New data released by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority shows emergency and urgent care wait times have significantly improved since the Progressive Conservatives first took office.

“There has been a long-term trend towards shorter waits since the PC government took office in 2016. This new data shows our plan to reduce emergency wait times are working,” said Cameron Friesen, the PC candidate for Morden-Winkler. “We thank all of those on the front-lines in our healthcare system for their diligence and patience as we move to providing better care sooner.”

Wait times have been greatly reduced under the PC government at all emergency and urgent care departments in Winnipeg, in both median and 90th percentile wait times.

The following are 90th percentile comparisons between WRHA wait time data from July and information from the Canadian Institute for Health Information for a one-year period under the NDP ending in March 2016, about a month before the Progressive Conservatives took office:

  •  St. Boniface: 29% improvement (4.62 hours last month, reduced from 6.5 hours in 15/16);
  •  Grace: 19% improvement (4.12 hours, reduced from 5.1 hours);
  •  HSC Winnipeg: 5% improvement (4.47 hours, reduced from 4.7 hours);
  •  Concordia: 17% improvement (5.67 hours, reduced from 6.8 hours);
  •  Seven Oaks: 4% improvement (4.24 hours, reduced from 4.4 hours); and
  • Victoria: 35% improvement (4.38 hours, reduced from 6.7 hours).

Additionally, the latest data shows an overall improvement in median wait times for a fourth consecutive month across the WRHA, with improvements seen at six of seven facilities in July.

Across the region, waits were reduced by seven per cent month-over-month and have fallen by nearly 20 per cent since April. Longer-term, ED median wait times have improved by 25 per cent since the final days of the NDP government in 2016 (1.75 hours in July vs. 2.33 hours in February 2016). And CIHI reported last fall that Manitoba’s ED wait times were improving at a time when Canadians living in all other provinces were waiting longer for care.

The conversion of Victoria Hospital to an urgent care centre has proven successful, resulting in wait time improvements of close to 30 per cent while managing a 59 per cent increase in patient volume. Patient satisfaction levels have gone up during that time, Friesen noted.

“Wab Kinew and the NDP want voters to have extremely short memories when it comes to health care, but Manitobans remember all too well. They remember hospitals having the longest emergency wait times in the country year after year and the NDP offering no real plan to fix them,” said Friesen. “Even now, the NDP has no plan for health care except to take Manitoba backwards to longer wait times for patients. We’ve made too much progress to turn back now.”

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