Education Property Taxes to be Phased Out

PC Party introduces Balanced Budget Benefit, five-point Moving Manitoba Forward platform

In a measure that will save an average Winnipeg homeowner more than $2,000 annually once fully implemented, Manitoba PC Leader Brian Pallister today announced a re-elected PC government will eliminate the education portion of property taxes over 10 years.

“Manitoba has one of the most complicated and uneven education property tax regimes in the country,” said Pallister. “With a re-elected PC government, education property taxes will be phased out – saving homeowners thousands of dollars each year on their property tax bill when fully implemented.”

The phase-out will begin the first year after the budget is balanced and be completed over a maximum of 10 years. Education funding levels will be unaffected and on a go forward basis the revenue offset will be sourced from general revenues, Pallister added.

“We inherited a serious financial mess from the NDP – a mess we have been cleaning up,” said the PC Leader. “I would like to thank all Manitobans for working together with us to fix the finances, repair the services and rebuild our economy. As result of these efforts, we will bring the budget to balance two years earlier than promised, freeing up additional dollars to reinvest in the priorities of Manitobans – priorities like health care, education, infrastructure and lower taxes.”

Pallister noted this fiscal dividend – the Balanced Budget Benefit – is a result of the PC government’s responsible fiscal stewardship and will be allocated to priority areas including much-needed tax relief for you and your family.

“We are building a better Manitoba by laying a strong foundation that allows us to reduce taxes and make life more affordable,” said Pallister. “Should Manitobans honour us with a second mandate, we will deliver on these commitments.”

The PC Party platform, Moving Manitoba Forward: Our Guarantee to Manitobans, includes the following five points:

1. $2020 Tax Rollback – forward with lower taxes for Manitobans;

2. $2 billion Health Care Funding – forward with better health care sooner;

3. 20 New Schools – forward with more and better schools for students and teachers;

4. Manitoba Works 40,000 Job Plan – forward with super-sized job growth; and

5. Yes, to Made-in-Manitoba Green Plan – forward with solutions that work for Manitoba. 

“This election is about trust and taxes,” said Pallister. “Manitobans are already taxed to the max and deserve to keep more of their hard-earned money.”

Pallister noted the highlights of the PC government’s first term include the following:

  • Lowering the PST from eight to seven per cent;
  • Reducing ambulance fees by half;
  • Shortening ER wait times – in 2018, Manitoba was the only province in Canada to reduce ER wait times;
  • Investing more than $1 billion annually in strategic infrastructure – including roads, bridges, flood protection, hospitals, schools, universities and colleges; and
  • Launching the Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan and investing $100 million in green infrastructure through our innovative Conservation Trust Program, helping to preserve and protect our province for future generations.

“Despite inheriting a massive mess from the NDP, together, all of our hard work is delivering results for Manitobans,” said Pallister. “By freeing up dollars no longer allocated to debt servicing – and reinvesting even more in priority areas like health care, education and families – we will move Manitoba forward to a better, brighter future.”

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