Cannabis legalization

The federal government has made it clear that they intend to legalize cannabis in the near future.

This is a significant change in public policy - one that most provinces are not prepared for.

Manitoba has made significant progress in anticipation of upcoming federal legalization of cannabis. 

The Cannabis Harm Prevention Act established several common sense safety measures, including a 24-hour driver’s licence suspension if a police officer has reasonable grounds to believe a driver is unable to safely operate a vehicle due to being under the influence of a drug.  It also prohibits the smoking and vaping of cannabis in enclosed public places and indoor workplaces. 

Manitoba has also introduced the non-smokers health protection and vapour products amendment act that would prohibit smoking and vaping cannabis in outdoor public places and the safe and responsible retailing of cannabis act that would establish the framework for the retail sale of cannabis in Manitoba and set the minimum age of 19 for possession and use of cannabis.

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