Budget 2018

We’re making real progress. The fundamentals of Manitoba’s economy are strong. We’re moving in the right direction -- and we’re just getting started!

Here are the top highlights from Budget 2018:

Our government is on track to reduce the summary deficit by more than $300 million!  This is Manitoba’s largest ever year-over-year improvement in summary budgeting! 

Tax relief for Manitobans! We’re bringing in one of the largest tax cuts in Manitoba history, which will remove more than 30,000 modest income Manitobans from the tax rolls completely by increasing the Basic Personal Amount by $2020 by 2020.

Helping small business! We’re increasing the Small Business tax income threshold limit from $450,000 to $500,000. That’s $7 million annually in small business tax relief!

Investing in Health Care! Budget 2018 increases funding for the Home Cancer Drug program; dialysis treatment; 60 new full-time paramedics; and lowering ambulance fees again. We are investing more in health care than ever before!

Protecting the most vulnerable! $60.5 million funding increase for the Department of Families.

700 New child care spaces! We’re also funding for a new refundable tax credit – the Child Care Centre Development Tax Credit.

Five new schools! We are catching up with the need for new schools, while finding the best value for taxpayers. 

Manitoba Film and Video Production Tax Credit - extended!

Manitoba Book Publishing Tax Credit - extended!

Cultural Industries Printing Tax Credit - extended!

Conserving our Environment! Our government is investing $102 million in a conservation trust to protect our ecosystems for future generations.

Keeping our Promises! We are on track to reduce the PST in our first term and balance the budget in our second term.

We’re delivering real results for Manitobans. Sign below if you’re with us!

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