Better Education Starts Today

The Manitoba PC Party is committed to strengthening our education system and improving student results:

  • Shifting resources from administration to the classroom  
  • Unifying 37 school divisions into 1 Provincial Regional Authority* with 15 regions focused on local matters
  • Giving parents greater say in their children’s education through new School Community Councils
  • Building 20 new schools to increase opportunities for Manitoba student & families, while guaranteeing $1.6 billion additional education investments

The Manitoba PC Party is putting students first

Why do we need this overhaul?

  • Manitoba spends some of the most in Canada per student, yet we are among the last in education outcomes.  
  • Under the previous NDP government, Manitoba ranked last amongst provinces in every single category of education outcomes. We were the only province to see reading levels drop between 2007 and 2013. In 2016, we ranked 10th out of 10 provinces in science, reading and math.
  • Manitoba's education spending should be focused on the frontlines. Teachers and classrooms need our support now more than ever amidst the pandemic. 
  • Top-heavy bureaucracies are absorbing resources meant for the classroom, resulting in less student supports and escalated property taxes. Under this new model, we will remove the education portion of property taxes. 

The Manitoba PC Party believes in preparing our students for the future.

Let's put students first and strengthen our education system.

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* while maintaining the French school division, Division Scolaire franco-manitobiane (DSFM) 


It's time to put STUDENTS FIRST.

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