Back on Track: Restoring the right to Secret Ballots

For years, union members told us that they wanted the right to a secret ballot. Recent surveys have shown that mandatory secret ballot votes are supported by a large majority of Manitobans.

So during the recent election, we promised to restore the right to them.

This week, we’re very happy to announce that we have already taken action by introducing legislation that would amend the Labour Relations Act to make a vote by secret ballot mandatory before a union can be certified as the bargaining agent for a group of employees.

These changes would eliminate the option for the Labour Relations Board to automatically certify a union that has 65 per cent employee support, and require all applications that have 40 per cent employee support to be approved by a secret ballot vote.

“Secret ballots are recognized as a fair, accurate and democratic way for any group of individuals to make a decision,” said Growth, Enterprise and Trade Minister Cliff Cullen. “The proposed legislation will enhance the legitimacy of all new union certifications by allowing all potential union members to exercise their democratic right to vote, and ensure that workers have the opportunity to participate fairly in the union certification process without fear of bullying or intimidation.”

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