A Better Manitoba!

Under our PC government, Manitoba is flourishing!

After 17 years of NDP mismanagement, Manitoba is now a shining star amongst the provinces.

Update - May 2019

Global credit rating agency DBRS Ltd. has confirmed Manitoba’s credit rating and recognized our PC government’s efforts to fix the province’s finances and return to balanced budgets! They are confident in the government’s commitment to balance the budget over the medium term.  They note there is clear evidence of a strong political commitment and a record of budget outperformance, referencing the numerous reforms the government has introduced to improve program outcomes and cost effectiveness, and strengthen budget and financial management practices!

We led the country in private sector capital investment growth in 2018!

2019 is off to a great start as well - full time employment is on the rise, and we have the second lowest unemployment rate in the country!

Manitobans have a reason to feel good about their future.

Our Better Plan for a Better Manitoba is clearly working!

However much more work remains to be done.

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