Statement from the PC Party of Manitoba

Having delivered the largest back-to-back majority election wins in Manitoba history, and delivering on his promises to balance the budget and lower taxes,  the PC Party of Manitoba today extended sincere thanks to outgoing Premier Brian Pallister for these major accomplishments, among many others, and for his years of dedicated public service.

"Leading a political party and a government, especially through some of the most challenging times in a century, has not been easy," said PC Party President, Tom Wiebe.  "We thank Premier and Esther Pallister and their daughters for making so many sacrifices, as a family."  

 Wiebe said he believes the legacy of Premier Pallister will be even better appreciated in years to come and through a post COVID lens. "Without question, he has set the stage for a strong post pandemic economic recovery," Wiebe said. 

 The President pointed to a number of other accomplishments including the fact that Premier Pallister:

  • Led a fiscal turnaround from debt and deficit inherited from the previous government;
  • Achieved the first balanced budget in 11 years;
  • Lowered the sales tax and tax burden on Manitobans and their families;
  • Boldly tackled major policy decisions in health and social services and many other areas of government;
  • Positioned Manitoba to lead the nation in post COVID-19  economic recovery.

"We once again thank Premier Pallister and wish he and Esther well as they transition to a life outside of the public eye," the President concluded.

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