Our Candidates / Greg Nesbitt

Greg Nesbitt

Riding Mountain

Greg Nesbitt, a long time Shoal Lake business owner, community leader and a former Village Councillor, was elected to his first term as the MLA for Riding Mountain on April 19, 2016. He currently serves as the Legislative Assistant to the Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living.

Greg has owned and published newspapers in the Riding Mountain area for nearly 40 years. Greg also has extensive experience as an owner of several tourism and hospitality-related businesses in western Manitoba.

Greg has a long history of involvement with both the Manitoba and Canadian Community Newspapers Associations. He was president of the Manitoba association for 2 terms, and president of the Canadian association for 2 years, and recently was chairman of the board of directors of the Canadian association, which represents 840 newspapers across the country.

Greg has served in a variety of leadership roles within the community including as a founding member of the Shoal Lake Regional Airport Authority where he has served as Secretary-Treasurer. Elsewhere in the community, Greg has been a long time coach and manager of various local minor and senior hockey teams. Greg has also served as a volunteer firefighter with the Shoal Lake Fire Department for 15 years.

Greg is the proud father of two adult children, Ryan and Kayla. He believes that Manitobans are hard- working people who deserve a government that is fiscally responsible. He is proud to be part of a strong, united PC Team with a proven plan to create jobs and opportunities for Manitobans and bring back young families to our rural communities.