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Andrew Smith


Andrew Smith was first elected as the MLA for Southdale on April 19, 2016. With Southdale being divided and redrawn as a result of electoral boundary changes, Andrew is pleased to be seeking re- election in the new constituency of Lagimodiere.

In addition to his regular MLA duties, Andrew was appointed as the Legislative Assistant to the Minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage. He is an energetic and dedicated Manitoban who looks forward to putting the skills he has acquired in business and public service to work for the constituents of Southdale.

Andrew is a graduate of St. Paul’s High School and the University of Manitoba. After university, he began his career in business development and marketing. Working for Stark International, a petroleum products recycling firm with global reach, Andrew learned how to successfully grow an organization serving a diverse client base.

For 6 years, Andrew has served as a senior staff member for a Manitoba Member of Parliament. In this role, he has become keenly aware of the importance of listening to constituents. He firmly believes that, if someone takes the time to contact their elected representative, that person should always receive a response.

Andrew was born and raised in Winnipeg and, in his early years, was an active member of Manitoba’s sporting community as an amateur wrestler and weightlifter. A firm believer in the value of public service, Andrew wants to continue working towards a stronger Manitoba that creates jobs and greater opportunity for our families and the next generation, respects taxpayer dollars, and delivers on the real priorities of Manitobans.