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Aman Sandhu

The Maples

A first-generation Canadian, Aman Sandhu immigrated to Canada from Punjab, India in 2011. Aman holds a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from Punjab University Chandigarh and Master of Science in Microbiology from Guru Nanak University Amritsar. Additionally, she earned a Bachelor of Education from Punjabi University in Patiala, India.

Prior to moving to Canada, Aman worked as microbiologist in India and continued to pursue her interests in microbiology after relocating to Winnipeg. After working as microbiologist for six years in Canada, Aman successfully obtained her real estate license and started working in partnership with her husband Sukh, the founder and owner of RSB Homes Ltd.

Aman lives in The Maples area with her husband, daughter Amanat, her father-in-law and mother-in-law.

A devoted mother and emerging leader, Aman is passionate about engaging people from all walks of life and is focused on uniting people toward a common goal. She is proud to be part of a strong, united PC Team as a new voice for The Maples.