PCs Push Seniors Bill of Rights

PC Manitoba News Release Photo

November 20, 2013

We believe people deserve to choose their quality of life: Cullen

Critic for Seniors Cliff Cullen introduced a bill today to ensure Manitobans have the supports they need to allow them to make quality of life decisions late into their lives.

Bill 205, the Seniors’ Rights Act, establishes a bill of rights for Manitobans. It requires the minister responsible to report on the number of Manitobans who have not been afforded the rights they have earned through a lifetime as builders of this province.

“We believe it’s essential that we protect the rights of all Manitobans to live their lives to the fullest and in the manner they choose,” said Spruce Woods MLA Cliff Cullen. “Quality of life is essential for healthy communities and one aging Manitobans have more than earned.”

Many Manitobans are being forced to make lifestyle decisions based on resources available in their communities. In some cases they are being forced to leave their own homes well before they are ready because the supports for them just aren’t available. The PC Party believes this is wrong. As people live longer and continue to stay active we must address this reality with legislation that enables them to live the lives they choose.

This bill is about common sense and common decency, and comes with measureable goals. Manitobans deserve nothing less.