Historic NDP Deficit Exceeds $1 Billion

PC Manitoba News Release Photo

March 9, 2012

NDP trying to hide real deficit not including real costs

For the first time in Manitoba history, the annual deficit will exceed $1 billion based on the NDP’s third-quarter financials released today. The total deficit, which includes all costs for 2011/12 fiscal year, is $1.12 billion.

“The NDP’s spending addiction is catching up with them. They’re digging us into a deep hole and leaving Manitoba taxpayers on the hook,” says PC Finance Critic Heather Stefanson.

Manitobans hoping for a sign that this NDP government would stop the out-of-control spending and get the province on the right track will be left disappointed once again, she added.

“The NDP spent every dollar received from record-high transfer payments from Ottawa and left no money in reserve to deal with emergencies,” said Stefanson. “We don’t blame government for the flood or the cost of fighting it. Our concern is their lack of planning.”

“Throughout the election the NDP told Manitobans the deficit wouldn’t be that bad. Then, once the numbers started to come out, they said the deficit was because of the flood. But the flood isn’t the problem. The problem is the NDP’s poor management and spending habits,” said.

It’s time for Greg Selinger and Stan Struthers to tell Manitobans how he’s going to dig us out of this hole, said Stefanson.