Selinger Sets New Standard for Hypocrisy at Hydro

PC Manitoba News Release Photo

February 9, 2012

Appoints architect of MTS privatization as Hydro Chair

Fresh from running a years-long campaign of lies, smears and fear-mongering against Hugh McFadyen and the Manitoba Progressive Conservatives, Greg Selinger and the NDP have set a new standard for hypocrisy by appointing an architect of the privatization of MTS as Chair of Manitoba Hydro. Manitoba PCs say this appointment proves even the NDP know they have been lying about Hydro for years.

New Hydro Chair Bill Fraser was a key driver of the privatization of MTS and served for years as an outstanding CEO of the privatized company.

“Make no mistake - I expect Bill Fraser will be a competent Chair of the Board, and expect he will have the integrity to stand up to the NDP’s political interference that is flushing away billions of ratepayer dollars on NDP ideological decisions at Hydro,” says Brandon West MLA Reg Helwer, Manitoba PC Critic for Hydro. “But the hypocrisy here is absolutely incredible. The NDP and their union allies spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on deceptive advertising to create fear among Manitobans while lying about the Manitoba PC Plan for Hydro. Then Selinger turns around and appoints an instrumental player in the privatization of MTS as Chair of Hydro. ‘Two-faced’ doesn’t begin to describe Greg Selinger.”

Helwer further noted that a key architect of the NDP’s smear campaign, Leslie Turnbull of Viewpoints, has been re-appointed to the same Board, as well as Selinger’s leadership campaign adviser, left-wing academic John Loxley, and former NDP cabinet minister and partisan political insider Eugene Kostyra.

“I’ll be curious to see what questions Leslie Turnbull will have for the Chair, given her prior stated concern for the public ownership of Manitoba Hydro,” says Helwer.

Helwer again noted the recent decisions stemming from the Public Utilities Board which have raised major red flags about the NDP’s plans to spend $20 billion of ratepayer money based on business cases that just don’t add up.

“Greg Selinger has wrecked the finances of the Manitoba government, and is wrecking the finances of Manitoba Hydro,” adds Helwer. “We will all pay the price in the end for Greg Selinger’s ideological follies.”